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[人物模型] Arteria 3D Medieval Base Animated Character

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[size=14.399999618530273px]3D models | 288 MB

[size=14.399999618530273px]This pack provides a system for full medieval styled customisable characters. The character is fully rigged with a typical Biped Rig, and a large collection of animations provided, for Weapon use and NPC based gestures.

[size=14.399999618530273px]You can add content yourself to the model, or use the large collection of costumes already provided with the pack. These costume elements are already rigged for you on the model! for ease of use. To use in your game engine, you simply mute or hide all the groups, apart from the base female mesh. then for example if your *** a character customisation editor, as the player selects armour styles you can code so that the relevant mesh is shown. For advanced users, apart from the one Model export, we also provide each costume element as a separate mesh file, for on the fly attachment in realtime in your engine.

[size=14.399999618530273px]File Formats:
UnityPackage (Unity)

[size=14.399999618530273px]FBX (2010, 2012)

[size=14.399999618530273px]dts (Torque, with dsq files for each animation

[size=14.399999618530273px]Collada (For use in many engines, include T3d)

[size=14.399999618530273px]x (DirectX)



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