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[音频素材] 音效下载Spitfire Audio – Symphonic Brass KONTAKT

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Spitfire Audio - Symphonic Brass KONTAKT 60.1GB

Expand the sonic arsenal of the Spitfire Symphonic Brass library with 4 additional microphone placements, and 3 beautiful stereo mixes from award winning engineer Jake Jackson. This expansion contains over 173GBs of additional content to help you make the most of Spitfire Symphonic Brass.
Additional mics include the Outriggers (for added width), the warm Close Ribbons, close Stereo Pair, and full space of the Hall in the Gallery. Stereo mixes include Fine, Medium and Broad giving you a polished mixed straight out of the box.
After a decade of exhaustive sampling, and four years spent capturing our finest brass players, Spitfire are proud to present Symphonic Brass. It is a definitive collection of orchestral brass recorded at Air Studios, London. With a broad selection of different section sizes from solo to large groups of Trumpets, Horns & Trombones to featured instruments; with usual suspects such as Bass Trombones & Tubas, to zeitgeist weaponry such as Cimbassi, Contrabass Trombones and a new Contrabass Tuba.
Originally released in modules as part of the BML (British Modular Library) project, Spitfire Symphonic Brass is a rationalisation of these numerous, deep sampled components, along with many improvements, including a host of new articulations and new instruments. We've created a more affordable entry into what we believe to be the finest orchestral brass library available today.
To justify these claims we cite this small list of contributing factors:
British brass players are arguably the best in the world.
Spitfire has cherry picked the best of the best.
Recorded to tape at Air Studios via an unparalleled signal path.
Deepest articulation, dynamic layer, round robin set of brass samples we've yet to see
Produced by an award winning team of composers, producers & engineers.
Presented in an intuitive interface based on a decade of award-winning sampling experience and a quarter century as working composers.
With playing styles from heart rending choral work to blistering lip bleed material. Whether you're an aspiring John Williams or a zealous Hans Zimmer-ite we have no doubt that their favourite players will find favour with you!
From its collieries, through its jazz clubs, amongst the hundreds of pit bands, sitting proudly abreast at the Proms in the Albert Hall, through symphonic concerts to countless chamber spaces; The British Brass tradition runs through our country and culture like spinal fluid. Spitfire set about creating a definitive showcase of British Brass talent, a doomsday time capsule of this fine tradition.
Whilst there are many great orchestras around the world, there's just something about British brass that keeps composers coming back, sometimes under the cover of darkness to record illicit "overdubbing" sessions in London. It is the rare combination of the colliery, jazz, West End and classical traditions that produce this swaggering melting pot of rarefied individuals.
Having already recorded a full brass choir for the infamous Spitfire 'bespoke' range. Paul, Christian, Stanley and the Spitfire team set about a longer term project to capture this spirit, the spine of our musical culture, for the world to share and celebrate.
喷火喷音-交响铜 KONTAKT 60.1GB

扩大了喷火的交响黄铜库的声波阿森纳与4额外的麦克风放置, 和3美丽的立体声混合从获奖工程师杰克杰克逊。这种扩展包含超过173GBs 的额外内容, 以帮助您充分利用喷火管。
额外的麦克风包括支架 (增加的宽度), 温暖的关闭丝带, 密切的立体声对, 和大厅在画廊的全部空间。立体声混合包括罚款, 中等和广泛给你一个抛光混合直接出箱。
经过了十年的详尽取样, 四年来我们最优秀的黄铜球员, 喷火战机自豪地提出了交响黄铜。这是一个在伦敦航空工作室录制的管弦乐队黄铜的最终集合。以不同的区段大小的宽广的选择从独奏到大小组喇叭, 垫铁并且长号到精选的仪器;与通常的怀疑, 如低音长号和大号, 对时代精神武器, 如 Cimbassi, 低音长号和一个新的低音大号。
最初发布的模块作为 bml (英国模块化图书馆) 项目的一部分, 喷火的交响黄铜是一个合理化这些众多的, 深取样组件, 连同许多改进, 包括一大堆新的关节和新的仪器。我们创造了一个更实惠的进入我们认为是最好的管弦乐铜库今天可用。
为了证明这些主张的合理性, 我们举出这一小列的促成因素:
·最深的清晰度, 动态层, 循环的黄铜样品, 我们还没有看到
·以一个直观的界面为基础, 在十年的获奖抽样经验和四分之一世纪的工作作曲家。
从它的煤矿, 通过它的爵士乐俱乐部, 在数百个坑乐队之中, 骄傲地坐在阿尔伯特音乐厅的舞会, 通过交响乐音乐会到不计其数的房间空间;英国黄铜传统贯穿我们的国家和文化像脊髓液。喷火战机开始建立一个英国黄铜人才的权威展示, 这是这个优良传统的末日时间囊。
虽然世界上有许多伟大的乐团, 但也有一些关于英国的黄铜, 使作曲家回来, 有时在黑暗的掩护下, 记录非法的 "配音" 在伦敦的会议。这是一个罕见的组合, 煤矿, 爵士, 西尾和古典传统, 产生这种大摇大摆的融化锅的稀薄的个人。
已经记录了一个完整的黄铜合唱团为臭名昭著的喷火 "定制" 范围。保罗, 基督教, 斯坦利和喷火队成立了一个长期的项目, 以捕捉这种精神, 我们的音乐文化的脊椎, 为世界分享和庆祝。
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