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音效下载Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth KONTAKT[含1P]

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TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 14 June 2017 | 23.3 GB

A once in a lifetime collection of electronic sounds derived, warped and re-birthed from Spitfire's enormous and highly valued collection of orchestral sample recordings... the first phase in our e.D.N.A. (ELECTRONIC DNA) project, creating the next generation of sound-ware for the next generation of electronic sound-smiths.

Phase #1 ‘EARTH’ is a collection of 1900+ basic instruments mangled into 1001 custom patches by our award winning team of composers, sound-smiths, producers and engineers into a collection of play-out-of-the-box “cartridges”. Load up eDNA, with an award winning interface, slam in a cartridge and play play play. Such is the depth of content here that if you were to play each sound for 30 seconds, it would take you exactly 24 hours to listen to every instrument and patch... And that’s without fag and loo breaks. We’re not ambulance chasing here, this is not about the music of now, of yesterday, this is a new chapter, a new sonic arsenal.


Included with the EARTH pack are 1900+ and 1001 custom patches that spring out of the box and bite.

We have been recording the finest orchestral players for seven years now. We have been practising our craft in the creation of the finest strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion libraries. But throughout this period, we have also been harbouring a darker ambition. As many of us here at Spitfire come from the first wave of UK EDM in the 90's we have hungered to get our hands on these awesome sounds for our own ill gotten gains. For the last seven years there has been a secret hard drive, a depository of the best of these orchestral recordings saved to create the ultimate raw material, the ultimate ore, a set of polished diamonds waiting to be roughed up all over again.

For the last 5 years we have been experimenting with orchestral warping and many of these early attempts have been enjoyed by a large group of users using the beautiful and sometimes downright dirty "Stephenson's Steam Band" sections of our Albion range. In these early years we set about finding the most rarefied analogue outboard equipment, synths, filters, gates, verbs, and also commissioned and created a rare set of bespoke digital signal paths. At regular points over the last few years we have taken our secret drive out of it's secret cupboard, pulled the sounds up and fed them through these multi stage signal paths. We often left it simmering overnight, creating the most delicious and sometimes just 'wrong' set of sounds.

During the warp stage we created well over a terabyte of data. Needing to cut this down to a reasonable size, the Spitfire team of multi award winning composers, producers, techs and engineers set about pairing this down to the very best of the best. From this we created a set of multi-sampled Sound-Sets. The very building blocks of 'Earth' itself. These were then organised by sound-type into manageable Sound-Banks.

Over the last seven years Spitfire - in partnership with Blake Robinson - have been creating intuitive and ingenious scripts, simple to use GUIs and attractive front ends. A year ago, we wiped the script clean and set about creating a monster of a new script engine. This we call eDNA. With more details to follow, we will show how the sound sets and banks of 'Earth' can be used in conjunction with the eDNA engine to quickly, dramatically and awesomely customise sounds beyond recognition.

Once the sound banks were implanted into eDNA, we distributed 'Earth - Beta' around our state-of-the-art complex in Central London, UK. Spitfire is a team of award winning composers, producers, track makers, and engineers. Using this pedigree, we have created a jaw dropping number of the original, haunting, beautiful, epic, angry, fat and down-right unpleasant sounds. We ignored the zeitgeist, we ignored what's been before and just set about creating something new. With eDNA's delightful GUI, this uncharted territory of new sonic experimentation is one knob or slider away from making it your own. Or simply start from the "vanilla" sound-banks, roll your sleeves up and give eDNA a tickle.


1900+ Factory instruments and 1001 custom patches designed by our award winning team. Organised into virtual cartridges, slam one in and play play play!

Imagine the eDNA engine as a set of two turntables and a massively complex DJ mixer. It contains two sound bays with individual and independent modulators, control of trim, bend, glide, cloning, tuning, ADSR and lpfs and hpfs and wobbles that modulate pitch, volume and filters.

There is an onboard gate sequencer that allows independent gating between these two bays and unified control of amount, and shape, speed and length of sequence.

These two signals are then at last unified with a DJ style x-fader. Move between the sounds with the mouse or t
团队 MAGNETRiXX |2017年6月14日 |23.3 gb

一次在一生收集的电子声音衍生, 扭曲和 re-birthed 从烈性战机的巨大和高度重视的管弦乐样本录音的收集... (电子 dna) 项目的第一个阶段, 为下一代的电子音响公司创造下一代的音响设备 (e.D.N.)。

阶段 1 ' 地球 ' 是 1900年 + 基本的仪器的汇集由我们获奖的作曲家、酣然的史密斯、生产商和工程师的小组被损坏入1001个定制的补丁到 play-out-of-the 盒 "弹药筒" 的汇集。加载埃德娜, 与获奖的界面, 满贯在墨盒和发挥发挥作用。这是内容的深度, 如果你要播放每一个声音30秒, 它会花你整整24小时听每一个仪器和补丁..。这是没有同性恋和厕所休息。我们不是在追救护车, 这不是关于现在的音乐, 昨天, 这是一个新的篇章, 一个新的声波兵工厂。


包括与地球包是 1900 + 和1001自定义补丁, 春天从盒子和叮咬。

步骤 1-矿石
我们已经记录了七年来最优秀的管弦乐队球员。我们一直在实践我们的工艺在创造最好的弦, 黄铜, 木和打击冲击图书馆。但在这期间, 我们也一直怀有一种更黑暗的野心。正如我们这里的许多人在喷火来自第一波英国 edm 在90的, 我们渴望得到我们的手, 这些可怕的声音, 为我们自己生病得到的增益。在过去的七年里, 一直有一个秘密的硬盘驱动器, 保存了最好的这些管弦乐录音, 以创造最终的原材料, 最终矿石, 一套抛光钻石等待被殴打再次。

在过去的5年里, 我们一直在尝试管弦乐的翘曲, 许多早期的尝试都是由一大群用户使用我们的诺维奇系列的美丽, 有时彻头彻尾肮脏的 "斯蒂芬森的蒸汽带"。在这些年, 我们开始寻找最稀薄的模拟舷外设备, 合成, 过滤器, 门, 动词, 并且也委托和创造了一套罕见的定制的数字信号路径。在过去的几年中, 我们从它的秘密橱柜中取出了我们的秘密驱动器, 把声音拉起来, 通过这些多阶段信号路径来喂养它们。我们经常在一夜之间让它沸腾, 创造出最美味的, 有时是 "错误" 的声音。

步骤 3-声音集到健全的银行
在经纱阶段, 我们创造了超过一兆字节的数据。需要削减到一个合理的规模, 喷火队多获奖的作曲家, 制片人, 技术员和工程师设置的配对, 这是最好的最好的。由此我们创造了一套 multi-sampled 的音效集。"地球" 本身的基石。然后, 这些组织由声音类型到可管理的声音银行。

步骤 4-e.D.N。
在过去的七年中, spitfire-in 与布雷克-罗宾逊的合作关系, 创造了直观和巧妙的脚本, 简单易用的 gui 和吸引人的前端。一年前, 我们擦干净了脚本, 并着手创建一个新的脚本引擎的怪物。我们称之为埃德娜。随着更多的细节, 我们将展示如何在 "地球" 的声音集和银行可以与埃德娜引擎结合使用, 以快速, 戏剧性和赫然自定义的声音超越识别。

5步-虐待狂 soundsmiths
一旦健全的银行被灌输到埃德娜, 我们分布在我们的最先进的复杂在伦敦市中心, 英国的 "地球β"。喷火机是一个获奖的作曲家, 生产者, 轨道制造商和工程师团队。使用这个谱系, 我们创造了一个下巴下降数量的原始, 困扰, 美丽, 史诗, 愤怒, 脂肪和下右不愉快的声音。我们忽略了时代精神, 我们忽略了以前的事情, 只是着手创造新的东西。与埃德娜的令人愉快的 gui, 这个未知领域的新声波实验是一个旋钮或滑块远离自己的。或者干脆从 "香草" 音银行开始, 卷起袖子, 给埃德娜一个痒痒。


1900 + 工厂仪器和1001定制补丁由我们的获奖团队设计。组织成虚拟墨盒, 砰一声, 玩玩游戏!

想象埃德娜引擎作为一套两个转盘和一个大型复杂的 dj 混频器。它包含二个酣然的海湾与单独和独立调制器, 控制修剪, 弯曲, 滑行, 克隆, 调整, ADSR 并且 lpfs 并且 hpfs 并且摇摆调控沥青, 容量和过滤。

有一个板载门排序器, 允许在这两个海湾之间的独立的闸门和统一控制的数量, 形状, 速度和序列的长度。

这两个信号, 然后最后统一的 dj 风格 x-fader。用鼠标或 t 在声音之间移动

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